Solo exhibition
Galerie Susan Nielsen, Paris
20 MAY 2010 - 10 JUL 2010

We are very happy to announce that we will be doing a solo exhibition at Galerie Susan Nielsen in Paris, France this spring. This will be our first solo show outside of Scandinavia, which is exciting! So if you find yourself in Paris from mid-May to mid-July, please stop by the gallery and have a look!

For more information about Galerie Susan Nielsen, please visit their website

Press release
20th of May – 10th of July 2010
opening thursday 20th of May 6pm - 9pm

The revelations, insights, and fundamental subversive events that followed in the wake of the 18th and 19th centuries' exploratory voyages have been the foundation of LELLO//ARNELL's artistic practice for quite some time. The artists utilize this era as a prism through which they view our world, via a perception of reality that most of us know well and which represents a nostalgic and romanticized retrospect.

Through defragmentation, falsifications, and retellings of perceptions, objects and events, the artists employ the language of history as a way of posing questions into the realm of our community identity and our individual perception of the world. The exhibited works are - each in its own way - examples of this. From abstract approximations towards cartography and astronomy to reconfigurations of antique furniture and porcelain, the artists create a worldview, which is both strange and familiar.

As in the Age of Discovery, the beginning of the Information Age was characterized by an exuberant anticipation, which is echoed in the approach of LELLO//ARNELL. But rather than exploring geography, LELLO//ARNELL examine our perception of – real as well as virtual – space. This is evident in the grid-based image works that pay tribute to the sci-fi aesthetics of the 70s and 80s, as seen in iconic movies like Tron.

The exhibition ‘Transmission’ presents sculpture, silk-screen, and a selection of cut-out works, which form a large part of LELLO//ARNELL's oeuvre. The interrelation between the cut-out wall pieces of aluminum and steel and their corresponding objects is a complex play with positive and negative space, ”Our so-called cut-out works have taken many forms over the years - with or without accompanying sculptures.

The relationship between the rest-material and the finished sculptures defines a loop of some sort, where the creation of the sculpture leaves an imprint - or in the case of these works, a void - which can also be read as a blueprint or reproduction manual”.LELLO//ARNELL compares the relationship between the wall pieces and the objects to the children's Whispering game, where one child whispers a message to another in a circle. The whisper then travels through the circle until it reaches its source, by which time the message has changed significantly. In the words of LELLO//ARNELL this shows that ”this transference of knowledge - from one work to another - is also all but perfect”.

Brushing up against Pascal's notion of the God-shaped vacuum in the human heart, the cut-out works however borrow the pretence of science as their language. ”We regularly use science and religion in juxtaposition to create some kind of imaginary cult of knowledge or quasi-scientific mystical field of research, in which preposterous conclusions seem plausible or simultaneously believable and nonsensical”.

MARIA BREGNBAK, art historian

The artist duo LELLO//ARNELL, Jørgen Craig Lello (b. Fredrikstad, Norway 1978) and Tobias Arnell (b. Lund, Sweden 1978), have collaborated since 2003; they live and work in Oslo. Arnell graduated from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 2005 and Lello in 2006, since when they have had numerous exhibitions primarily in Scandinavia and in the US. Their work is included in many private as well as public collections, among others the Astrup Fearnley Collection in Oslo and Sørlandet Art Museum, Kristiansand. Transmission is their first solo exhibition in France.

About the gallery
Galerie Susan Nielsen opened in September 2007 and is situated in the Marais area of Paris. The gallery focuses on the young contemporary international art scene and through director and owner, art historian Susan Nielsen, it enjoys a privileged contact with the Nordic art scene. The works of the represented artists range from photography, video, and installation to painting and drawing.

At Galerie Susan Nielsen, we strive to present a program of well-organised solo exhibitions, showing new works by the artists with whom the gallery has established a long-term promotional relationship, as well as between two and three curated group exhibitions each year. We focus on group exhibitions that take their point of departure in shared ideas and interests between the artists and have resulted in exhibitions exploring the covert realm of Domestic Affairs, as well as drawing and narration in Storyline, and an investigation into space and existence in Breathing Space. Prior to every exhibition, a thorough art theoretical groundwork ensures that new texts are produced and disseminated, and the gallery concentrates its activity on research into the field of new emerging art and artists, but also collaborates with more established artists.

Galerie Susan Nielsen benefits from a productive relationship with the French press and the gallery’s exhibitions are regularly the focus of radio- and television broadcasts as well as of written reviews. In addition to the good relationship with the press, galerie susan nielsen is occasionally invited to participate in various Parisian events and biennials as last year’s Mois de la Photo. Owing in part to Susan Nielsen’s years of experience in the gallery world prior to opening her own gallery, galerie susan nielsen has a solid and loyal base of collectors, private as well as public, among which are French institutions and art councils like the FRAC (Fonds Régional d'Art Contemporain), Centre Pompidou and FNAC (Fonds National d’Art Contemporain), through whom the represented artists can attain a high degree of visibility. Because of the gallery’s Nordic connections we have established a constructive collaboration with several Nordic cultural institutions, and the exchange of ideas and information create a platform for the introduction of artists, whose work is virtually unknown in France. The gallery has a large and well-informed audience, which is primarily French and subsequently international and only rarely Scandinavian.