Galleri 21
Galleri 21
Solo exhibition
Galleri 21
11 APR 2009 - 3 MAY 2009

We have a solo-show scheduled at Galleri 21 in Malmö, Sweden in the spring of 2009. The gallery, which is one of Malmö's oldest artist-run galleries, opened for business in 1985 and has become one of the most interesting galleries for Nordic contemporary art in Scandinavia.

Jørgen Craig Lello & Tobias Arnell


11 April - 03 May
Rådmansgatan 5, Malmö
Vernissage 11 April 12:00 - 16:00

We are happy to present a new solo exhibition by the Norwegian / Swedish duo LELLO//ARNELL. This is their second solo exhibition in Sweden in which they will be presenting predominantly new works.

In the exhibition, the artists dismantle and Reassemble historic foundations, facts, concepts and beliefs in an attempt at discovering underlying mechanisms of contemporary society. This process is undertaken both literally and metaphorically; through the reinterpretation of age-old monuments, icons and ideas via antique items supposed to be laden with "the spirit of the ages" into fragmented and unfounded claims about our modern lives.

The title itself, REVISION, implies a re-examination towards an improvement, perhaps on the grounds of new factual material. Unless, of course, the weight is laid on VISION, in which case a more subjective and esoteric meaning can be read into it. This ambivalence illustrates the inherent paradox in the work of LELLO//ARNELL: The desire to build upon science juxtaposed with a giddy compulsion towards the super-natural and mystic.

A key work in the exhibition is the sculpture Gentleman's Traveling Shrine (2008). Constructed from antique chairs, porcelain, crystal-ware and silver, the work uses an anecdote about the Swedish explorer Sven Hedin as a point of departure. Hedin, during an expedition to the Taklamakan desert in central Asia, brought with him a year's worth of the newspaper Nya Dagligt Allehanda, so as to have his habitual reading material to accompany his morning cup of tea. By insisting on the continuation of such a ritual - in spite of the obvious impracticalities - the stack of newspapers and morning tea take on a symbolic value as a link back to civilization.

The Gentleman's Traveling Shrine is an object designed to fill this purpose; escalating the need for transient objects to keep us spiritually in touch with the values, concepts and morals from which we originate to an extreme, even ridiculous, level.

Svartvit vila för ögonen, Sydsvenskan
We have been lucky enough to receive a favorable review in the Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan. Ingrid Stigsdotter recommends our show as well as Johan Thurfjell and Liv Tandrevold Eriksen's show at Skånes konstförening under the description of cool black-and-white elegance.
Click here to read the article (Swedish): Svartvit vila för ögonen.

For more information about the gallery, please visit their website.