Solo exhibition
Lurker at the Threshold
Gallery USF, Bergen
18 NOV 2011 - 18 DEC 2011

We have been invited to do a solo exhibition at the USF Gallery in Bergen in 2011, which we are very excited about. This will be our first solo exhibition on the west coast of Norway and we are very much looking forward to it!

The exhibition runs from 18 November 2011 - 18 December 2011

For more information about the USF Gallery, please visit their website.

Gallery USF is happy to announce the opening of artist duo Lello//Arnell´s first major exhibition in Bergen. Lello//Arnell makes installation based exhibitions that combine sculpture, painting, photography and remade readymades. Thematically, the duo’s work often relate to science, technology, discoveries and history. These are interwoven and construct a alternative understanding of what it means to be part of a common culture. Rather than summing up history, the artists point to the alienation individuals can experience when confronted with the hegemonic bulldozer of history.

The works have a specific appearance that maps a territory in the gap between the organic and the technological. These historic-cultural references are often made visible as maps and instruments that carry specific histories that are transformed through reconstructions and reconfigurations to signify an ambiguous and subjective experience of an alternative history. There is a clear and present political nerve in the duo’s work, yet it is never ideologically dogmatic. Rather it opens up an extended understanding of the potentialities of politics by looking at the world through the warped and somewhat surrealistic eyes of the artists.

The exhibition at Gallery USF consists of a series of new work alongside previously shown work that together creates new installation extending the artistic landscape in which the duo continuously operates.

The artist duo LELLO//ARNELL consists of Jørgen Craig Lello (born 1978 in Fredrikstad) and Tobias Arnell (born 1978 in Lund). Recent solo exhibitions include Transmission, Galerie Susan Nielsen in Paris (2010); LELLO//ARNELL, Aalesund Art Association (2010); The New Ritual, Akershus Art Centre (2010); The Great Migration, Christianssand Art Association (2009) and Revision, Galleri 21 in Malmö (2009). Additionally their works have been included in exhibitions as the 28th Biennial of Graphic Art, MGLC in Ljubljana (2009), Rock-Paper-Scissors, Galerie Susan Nielsen in Paris (2009); Mutual: On Collaboration at Samson Projects, Boston (2008); International Call, Luis Adelantado Gallery in Valencia (2008) and Lights On – Norwegian Contemporary Art, Astrup Fearnley Museum for Modern Art in Oslo (2008).