Solo exhibition
House of Foundation, Moss
15 JUN 2013 - 27 JUL 2013

We are excited to announce our forthcoming solo exhibition at House of Foundation in Moss, Norway. We will be showing new works, and the exhibition opens on Saturday 15 June at 13:00. The show runs until July 27th.

For their exhibition at House of Foundation in Moss, LELLO//ARNELL show new sculptures, paintings and photography. The works are made using different techniques, from the sculpture Pyramid, which is constructed by paint-splattered, blank paint cans, through the wall-pieces Colour Comparison Chart, assembled by painted sections of MDF to the sculptures Frame, which consist of painted, welded steel with black Valchromat MDF.

Thematically, the exhibition can be summed up through the work Spectrum, which consists of 19 strips of Valchromat MDF each painted in a succeeding shade of neutral gray, ranging from near-black to near-white. The title refers to the term describing the colours found in white light - and in a broader meaning to any unifying theme between extremes at either end.

In their work, Jørgen Craig Lello and Tobias Arnell nurture a preoccupation towards the world view as a concept, and the implications it has in practice for the individual and society. The act of cultivating and maintaining a world view is closely connected to the self-image of both, and the basis for the way we view reality is - more often than not - based on misconceptions, hearsay and bias. Once established, change or modification of one’s world view may be traumatic and will be resisted.