LELLO//ARNELL: Phantom (Composite Drawing) I-III | Toner on coloured paper | 2010 | 30cm x 30cm
LELLO//ARNELL: <em>Phantom (Composite Drawing)</em> I-III | Toner on coloured paper | 2010 | 30cm x 30cm
Phantom (Composite Drawing) I-III
Toner on colored paper
29.7cm x 29.7cm each

The work consists of three prints made using digital composite drawing software. The composites are made on the background of the writings of and about Wolfgang Huber, the founding leader of Sozialistisches Patientenkollektiv.

There is, in spite of Huber's colourful story, not much personal information about the leader of this truly weird terrorist organization and the same can be said about images.

The work is made by inspiration from cold reading and automatic writing, that the artists could conjure up an image of Huber on the basis of knowing his story and having read his books. An element of arbitraryness is achieved by the different composite drawing elements - eyes, mouths, beards, eyeglasses - being randomly printed onto the paper in separate print-sessions.